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A popular product, for which there is a lot of conflicting information, false statements and myths spreading through the web. Previously, this drug was called "Viagra Gold 800 mg", but in order to avoid litigation with the owner of the brand name, the manufacturer decided to abandon this name and came up with its own - now it's Vigour.

So, myths and false statements.
First of all it concerns the number "800" on the label of the medicine. Many buyers think that this means 800 mg of sildenafil, but it is not. Firstly, such a dose is simply fatal for a person, and tablets with such a dose of sildenafil would have cost much more. And, most importantly, in the second place, many people do not pay attention to the "*" sign after the 800 number. In vain. At the bottom of the package there is an explanation of "* Each tablet contains equivalent to 800 mg".
800 mg of what? Of course, sildenafil. It means that the cumulative effect of all substances contained in one tablet is equal to a single dose of sildenafil 800 mg. Of course, this is a marketing ploy. How much sildenafil is actually contained in the pill and what other additional substances it includes read below in our article.

Now, regarding the composition of the tablet. Judging by the information that was collected on the web and from the drug suppliers, we can talk about two completely different products under the same name! Be careful.

According to one version, the product contains exclusively natural substances of plant origin plus extracts of internal organs and body parts of exotic animals. Namely:

  • extract from the sperm glands and deer penis
  • Extract of cinnamon
  • Ginseng Extract
  • extract from the yak's seminal glands
  • extract from a tortoise shell
  • Chinese wolfberry extract
  • other herbs
We can not tell you how effective this drug is - we simply never had it.

According to another version, the product contains a dose of sildenafil plus extracts of various toning herbs:

  • sildenafil (according to our information it's about 100 mg)
  • Aceranthus sagittatus S
  • Ginkgo leaves
  • red asian ginseng
  • livistona chinensis fruit
  • Tsezalpinia bark
In our pharmacy you can buy this second variant with the content of sildenafil. And this drug works! First of all, of course, thanks to sildenafil, herbal supplements play a secondary role.

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False statement: the inscription on the packaging "Made in USA". This is not true. The product is made in China and has no relation to the US.

False statement: the inscription on the package "NDC-0069-4220-30". FDA NDC is assigned to all medicines in the United States. In this case it is the NDC number of branded Viagra produced by Pfizer and this has nothing to do with Vigour. Vigour is not FDA certified and does not have its own NDC number.

We do not understand why do Chinese print false information on the packaging - it only harms the product and discourages buyers. And nevertheless, the medicine works and is very popular.

In conclusion, note that there are at least two options for packaging: red with yellow and blue with yellow, and two options for the color of tablets: yellow and blue.