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Generic stendra

Real name of Generic stendra is Generic avanafil . The brand name is used only for your convenience to ensure that you clearly understand what you buy.

Stendra and Spedra, the trade names of Avanafil, were patented by the brand owner, VIVUS Inc. in 2013. Avanafil belongs to pharmacological group of PDE5 inhibitors together with the famous Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) used for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Their principles of action have long been known: the active enhancement of nitrogen oxide’s relaxing effect on unstriated muscles of the cavernous body (cavernosa) of penis, thus increasing the intensity of blood flow and ultimately contributing to the maximum level of potency.

Avanafil is one of the recent successes of pharmacology, the most powerful and quick-acting medication for erection. It is not surprising that its price is the highest in the group of related drugs and is completely justified. The main and indisputable advantage of Avanafil is unprecedented achievement of the effect within 15 minutes after taking a dose of 100 or 200 mg (and a bit later in case of 50 mg dose). Moreover, a moderate amount of alcohol is compatible with it. Nothing will break the romantic atmosphere: you can drink up to three glasses of wine or about 100 grams of strong alcohol. And, equally important, Avanafil has less side effects and their severity is the lowest among those characteristic of PDE5.

Sunrise Remedies company, the renowned manufacturer of Stendra (or Spedra) generic, produces the already popular Avana. It is Avana you are likely to find while searching for Stendra generic on pharmacy sites. You can recognize Avana by red triangular pills with rounded edges. Each blister contains 4 pills; with dosages of 50, 100, or 200 mg.

An inexperienced consumer may consider Stendra generic, not to mention the Stendra brand itself, quite expensive as compared to, say, Viagra generic. However it will not stop knowledgeable buyers, who have already appreciated the truly unique advantages of this medication: this is the very case when the product is worth its money and its effect is easy to check. Try buying a small package first – be sure that the result will impress you and you will certainly buy more next time. Also remember that online pharmacies often offer discounts for repeated orders.

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